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Interview With Michelle Rodriguez

Well, it’s the conclusion of Angels and Demons @The Humble Book Nerd. I hope everyone who’s been following this has had as much fun as I have! For our last post, I thought we’d do something special…an interview with the … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons @ The Humble Book Nerd

Today’s the day! We’ve got only a few minutes left before the first post goes up! I want to do a quick run-through so you know (more or less) what’s on the books…no pun intended. Oct. 6-10: The Devil’s Galley (review, excerpt, about … Continue reading

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Manifestations 3 Now Available!!

I’ve got reviews for The Scarlet Letter and Wicked coming, but I’m going to do a little plugging first. I’m so excited to let you guys know that Manifestations of a Phantom’s Soul, Vol. 3 is now available on Amazon! I love that cover! You can … Continue reading

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It’s A Date!

Woot woot! Guess what, guys? I’ve got an official kick-off time for The Angel and Demon Chronicles event! Everyone stay tuned for updates, and we’ll all meet back here on October 6 for the first post! See you then! It’s … Continue reading

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Angels! Demons! Book Nerds! Oh My!

All right, peeps, listen up! I’ve got an announcement to make! Coming this fall, there’s going to be an event at The Humble Book Nerd, celebrating author Michelle Rodriguez’s series, The Angel and Demon Chronicles! Trust me, you won’t want … Continue reading

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