Why Harry Potter Isn’t Just For Children

Hey! I’ve still got that Misery review coming, but I felt the need to leave something. Why not this awesome Tumblr post? You know, I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, and it’s only in going back to them as an adult that I can fully appreciate everything J.K. Rowling was trying to tell us. Don’t get me wrong, the message was ingrained years and years ago, but I think as a mature reader, I’m more conscious of it. Think these books are kid stuff? Think again!



About AngelxPhoenix

Hello! Glad to meet you! I'm quite the character if you get to know me, and one of the first things you'll learn about me is that I love to read. I'm rarely without a book, I can quote my favorites verbatim, and my favorite place to hang out is the library (forget the bookstores. I'm always broke and can't buy anything, which always bums me out). And I love love LOVE to talk about my faves!
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