Imprinted On a Demon’s Heart – Michelle Rodriguez

The Angel and Demon Chronicles, book four


I am a demon of hell. The things I’ve done… The things I still do… Most would call me evil, and they would be right. It’s in my bloodline. Son of the devil, prince of hell. I’m destined to be a monster, and 364 days a year, I fulfill that destiny. But for one night, I am more. The son of the devil is not supposed to know compassion or care. But I broke the rules; I fell in love. She’s never seen me. She doesn’t know a demon watches over her like a guardian angel. She is a dream, and demons are meant to have nightmares. …But things are about to change.

“The time will come. And the world will stop, …and you will be mine.”


It’s official. Just when I think Michelle couldn’t possibly get any “more” than she already is, she goes and does it. This might be her darkest work yet, which makes the love and passion in it stand out clearer.

No angels, fallen or otherwise, in this romance. No, these are straight up demons! Not just demons, but Lucifer’s sons! Our focus is on Caspian, bad boy to the max. Having a mortal mother seems to have been his saving grace, because I don’t know if he would have fallen in love with Lorelai otherwise. I love how he uses tricks and deception to assert himself into her life, as it fits his demon blood, but he needs nothing to win her heart. Good Lord, he broke mine before he realized it, though! Lorelai was a blend of innocence and passion that worked so well, bringing out the good in Caspian while being able to keep up with his darker side. I loved the two of them!

We have another good supporting cast on our hands, from Lorelai’s cousins to Caspian’s brothers. I thought they served as excellent examples of the vastly different worlds our lovers come from. One is society and etiquette, the other is quite literally hell. They clashed in their factions, but they both had love for family in common. Gaspard in particular impressed me and I adored Bess. And while this installment might not feature angels as the main players, a few familiar faces make their appearances. I won’t say who, but I was glad to see them!

Gah! Lucifer keeps getting worse and worse! While I dread his interference, he’s still such a good villain that I would never dream of the series without him. A detail that I appreciated most: people look at Caspian and see his demonic sign right away, yet the same people see Lucifer and not only find him beautiful, but are actually drawn to him as if he’s not evil at all. Chilling indeed, and I think it captures Satan’s power of temptation perfectly. I predict his part is going to be even bigger before long! In fact, I sense this whole thing heading towards something huge…Snow Angels can’t come fast enough!

All in all, I’m walking away happy. This was everything I’ve come to expect from Michelle, and a little more besides. More people should be reading this series! I think every paranormal romance fan should take a crack at it. It’s been a brilliant escape so far, and I’m looking forward to the next book!

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1 Response to Imprinted On a Demon’s Heart – Michelle Rodriguez

  1. Diane Erdahl says:

    Yes, I agree with your excellent review! This story of Michelle’s, had my heart racing with the sleaze bag Lucifer!


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