Excerpt from “Imprinted On a Demon’s Heart”

Take a quick look at book four of The Angel and Demon Chronicles…

“My magic is harmless. Are you willing to indulge me?”

“Of course,” she decided with a slight shiver of curiosity. “Well?”

Crooking a finger in invitation, Caspian rose from their blanket and strode to the creek-bed as she inquisitively hurried behind him. The water was always in motion, flowing from some unknown source and reflecting patterns of moonlight that continuously altered their shiny illusions. It looked decpetively beautiful like so many other things in the mortal world, never revealing its true dangerous nature until it was too late… But Caspian was determined to rewrite standard definitions tonight. For Lorelai, he would transform.

“Watch,” he bid with a mischievous grin. It was a rather mundane trick, but when his dark powers were limited and mediocre, this was the best he could do. Chuckling beneath his breath, he suddenly stepped into the creek, but when his shoes should have dropped to the sandy beds beneath, they remained upon the surface as if it were firm instead.

Lorelai thought it was a visual ploy at first, perhaps a fallen tree just beneath the surface that she couldn’t see, and for his first steps, it could have been true. But then he went further, strolling idly upon the moving currents and never wetting more than the bottoms of his shoes…as if the water had solidified. Solidified? But it was yet churning and trickling. The explanation could only be…magic, and it left her gaping and huffing incredulous breaths of clouded air.

“Come on,” Caspian called, extending a hand from the center of the creek, his golden eyes sparkling and enticing her to join him.

“I…I can’t… How…?” she stammered, shaking her head as her stare locked on the tiny ripples nearest to her boots.

“Just walk as you normally would. You won’t fall through. I promise, Lorelai. Come on. You savor the blessings of the world; well, here is one beyond its distinguished sphere… Trust me, my girl.”

Her eyes traveled from his adoring stare to his waiting hand with its graceful arch and long, etched fingers. Nerves billowed in her stomach, as she was so certain she would only learn the frigid temperature of the water with this game of his, but with never a look down, she dared to take a step.

A gasp of shock escaped her when one step became half a dozen, and the sloshing of stirred water only brushed the bottoms of her boots. Lorelai dared to glance down, and her soft cry puffed an inconstant cloud about her lips. She caught sight of depth, of water stretching so far beneath her, and yet it felt like a foundation of stone, like traipsing through puddles immediately after a rainfall. Magic…

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