Meet the Photographer

Allow me to introduce Jessica Elizabeth Schwartz!

Jessica was dragged…no forced! to The Phantom of the Opera movie released in 2004 starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. Never having watched any other Phantom movies or listened to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s brilliant score, she sat rolling her eyes and loathe to the idea of sitting nearly two and a half hours watching a movie about opera, no less, or so she thought. What had turned into a friend’s pleading for a night out turned into an evening that had changed her life forever. In 2005, she finally got herself to Broadway and bought her first Phantom ticket. It was Hugh Panaro’s last show …but she didn’t even know who Hugh was! Having her meet Hugh for the first time in 2011… This opened up a whole new world to her. Stage dooring became a pastime for her and she soon met Hugh multiple times, as well as the entire Phantom cast. In 2013 Phantom had its 25th anniversary on Broadway and she and her friends were fortunate enough to participate in their sweepstakes for two free tickets to the gala performance. She won! But that is not all she won that night. She made so many friends whom she call “phamily”.

“My life has been transformed as well as dedicated to all that is Phantom and all the people who make Phantom special to me. Without it I would not have met so many great individuals, shared laughs and tears and been a part of something so grand and unique. Currently, my love for Phantom has inspired many things in my own life. I am an avid photographer who based my first ever photography show around broadway theater and the stage life. I luckily crossed paths with Michelle in Disney and a friendship was instantly formed.. I design some of the book covers, posters and trailers that you see here.. And I have been helping Michelle with promoting her talent so everyone can enjoy these stories… I am truly blessed with working with Michelle.”

Jessica has designed and photographed many of Michelle’s book covers (namely, every single photgraph you’ve seen in connection with Michelle) and created several of the trailers I’ve posted on this very blog. She’s quite a talented young lady, and I’m glad to use this event to share her work!

About RisingPhoenix761

Hello! Glad to meet you! Long story short, I've got a young heart with an old soul, I love to think about stuff, and occasionally share what I think about. Stick around, if you like!
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