Excerpt from “The Devil’s Galley”

Time for a scene from book one of The Angel and Demon Chronicles…

The sun set in a kaleidoscope of lush color, pink, orange, red, each blended indecipherably into the next until they looked like paints smeared on a blank canvas. The colors burned Maggie’s tear-rimmed eyes as she wearily climbed up to the cliff, a folded paper clutched in a white-knuckled hand. She was the direct contrast to such vibrant beauty, her black gown with laces up her back, revealing white flesh at her chest and her white arms, all bland colors, not belonging in such a bright world.

Her shaking legs carried her to the edge of the jagged cliff, overlooking a calm ocean as the warm evening breeze enveloped her. It blew her skirts forward, and the falling pieces of her loosely tied back locks surrounded her face and tickled her skin with each movement. Her tears were silent ones, her lungs too exhausted to form another sob. They trickled down and dripped off her jaw to stream forward from her hair.

Lifting the paper she held, she unfolded it to Rafe’s beautiful visage and tender eyes, almost abandoning her will to the image alone. But no. It had to be done…

A shrill ripping screech filled her ears. One tear, another, another, until the portrait became a handful of small, mismatched pieces with serrated edges. Lifting her small hands and extending them off the cliff, she let the next gust of wind upraise them as if they suddenly grew wings of their own, and jetted forward out of her grasp to disperse on their swirling paths and separate. Each became their own soaring swallow with their wings breaking until they eventually glided forward to the sea’s surface, landing to float and bob with the gentle current.

Maggie stared down at the haphazard white pieces, their image of charcoal smeared already with the water’s contact. She wondered if they would return to the shore or if they would spread out further and float to different places in the world. Perhaps end at every corner the ocean touched, each carrying a fragment of her heart on its back. Every one lost forever to her…

Her knees could hold her weight no longer, and she slipped down tot crouch on the hard ground, strands of her hair passing in and out of her line of vision, blocking and interrupting views with every gust. She didn’t dare push them back; she simply held as still as she could, letting herself become molded into the wind’s motion as if she were a part of the scenery.


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Hello! Glad to meet you! Long story short, I've got a young heart with an old soul, I love to think about stuff, and occasionally share what I think about. Stick around, if you like!
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