The Cat Who Lived High – Lilian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who, book eleven


The colorful Casablanca apartment building is in danger of demolition–but not if Jim Qwilleran can help it. He’s determined to restore the building to its original grandeur. So he moves in with Koko and Yum Yum–and discovers that the Casablanca is steeped in history…and mystery. In Qwill’s very apartment, a glamorous art dealer met an untimely fate, and the veteran journalist and his crime-solving cats are about to reach new heights in detection as the evidence builds up…and the Casablanca threatens to crumble down around them!


Another fun entry in what has got to be the most charming series I’ve ever read!

Journalist Jim Qwilleran packs up and takes his pet Siamese, superintelligetn Koko and glamorous Yum Yum, to a penthouse apartment in the big city for the winter, and it’s definitely an adventure. I missed the happenings in Moose County, not to mention all of Qwill’s quirky neighbors, but there were certainly some characters at the Casablanca. One thing about this series, everyone is an individual, and even if you’ve never seen any of them before, you can pick up a book anywhere in the series and fit right in within five minutes. The cats always steal the show, especially Koko, whose odd behavior always has significance to the crime at hand.

Another feature of the series is that the mystery itself often shares the stage with other goings-on in the community, and this one is no exception. In addition to getting nosy about an art dealer’s murder, Qwill is recruited to help save the Casablanca from imminent destruction. Though events like murder and the crime rate in Qwilleran’s new neighborhood are quite serious, Ms. Braun co-mingles them with enough humor and shenanigans that the atmosphere is quite lighthearted.

These books are perfect for a quick, fun, easy read, and while I prefer The Cat Who Saw Stars overall, The Cat Who Lived High was certainly enjoyable.

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