It’s come to my attention that I…um…might have made a teeny mistake on this blog a few days ago. In preparing for Angels and Demons @The Humble Book Nerd, I accidentally published a post I only meant to edit. It was up for maybe a nanosecond before I could undo the post, but notifications went out about the new post anyway. Don’t be alarmed! I reverted the whole thing back to a draft, so you won’t see it listed with recent posts, be able to comment on it, that sort of thing. Just thought I’d give you guys a heads-up.

And remember, we’ve got a date for October 6 for the start of the event!

About RisingPhoenix761

Hello! Glad to meet you! Long story short, I've got a young heart with an old soul, I love to think about stuff, and occasionally share what I think about. Stick around, if you like!
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